HVSS High Pressure Solid State Soft Starter Cabinet


Combining thyristor with modern power electronic control technology, it is applied to start, control, protect and soft stop of medium and high voltage squirrel cage AC motor with three-phase voltage of 3KV-10KV.

Basic principles
High-voltage solid-state soft starter, also known as medium-high-voltage solid-state soft starter, is a new kind of soft starter for medium-high voltage motor. It is mainly suitable for medium-high voltage AC motors below 10KV. It adopts advanced DSP control technology, power electronics technology and its main components are three-phase reverse parallel thyristor connected in series between power supply and controlled motor. And its electronic control circuit. Different functions can be realized by controlling the conduction angle of three-phase reverse parallel thyristor and changing the input voltage of the controlled motor according to different requirements.

Initial Valve Group Structure in China
Delicate and beautiful drawer thyristor valve group structure (patent No. ZL200920103249.X) is the first in domestic and foreign soft starter manufacturers. It has good interchangeability, convenient maintenance and high reliability, and greatly shortens the time of replacing devices.

Original high reliability control system
The key to the reliability of high voltage solid state soft starting is whether the control system is reliable. The self-developed (patented technology) high frequency constant current source system and thyristor dynamic monitoring system can realize the reliable guarantee of "the only domestic silicon controlled zero damage" supplier.
Patented technology ---- thyristor dynamic safety monitoring and protection device (patent no. : CN101232235A), through the dynamic cycle monitoring thyristor safety capacity, find drop container parts in time, and protect all devices in an instant, to avoid equipment crash and caused by the huge loss.

Patented technology ---- thyristor trigger unit high frequency constant current source power supply device (patent no. : CN101232236A), using high anti-interference ability of digital trigger and optical fiber isolation, to solve the contradiction between high voltage insulation and equipment volume, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment in various complex conditions.

Technical features
High voltage soft starter with >96% efficiency (up to 97%) is much higher than other soft starter efficiency.
The thyristor is the main control part of the circuit, and the trigger circuit of the thyristor adopts the optical fiber isolated trigger, and has the voltage sharing circuit. By monitoring the safety capacity of thyristor in a dynamic cycle by cycle, the falling container parts can be found in time, and all devices can be protected in an instant to avoid equipment crash and huge losses caused by it.
7 inch color touch screen control interface, convenient and comfortable operation.
Internal use of modular structure, modular placement. Multiple over - voltage absorption and protection technology. Multi-layer limiting clamping is carried out on transient dv/dt, lightning impulse voltage, operating wave overvoltage and transient transition process, so as to reduce the harmful impact on the power grid when the motor starts.
The thyristor trigger panel control system adopts high-frequency constant-current source power supply technology, and the digital trigger with high anti-interference ability is isolated from the optical fiber to avoid the mutual interference between strong and weak electricity, so that the high-voltage performance of the device is as safe and reliable as the low-voltage device.

It has RS485 interface and adopts modbus-rtu or PROFIBUS DP communication protocol.
A variety of perfect protection functions: short circuit, over current, current limit, over voltage, under voltage, over load, lack of phase, three-phase current imbalance, overheating, communication failure and other failure status alarm timely processing protection protection of soft starter and motor.
Optional soft start functions include standard soft start, constant current soft start, voltage oblique wave start, and sudden jump soft start.
With small size, low power consumption, high sensitivity, no contact, easy installation and other features.

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