R & D personnel and experienced engineering and technical personnel form a comprehensive three-dimensional training system to meet the different levels of training requirements of customers. The training methods we provide include on-site debugging training, company instructor training, and remote online training.

On-site commissioning training
Each time the on-site service, our technical engineers will conduct at least one on-site training, combined with the specific application of the product on site, comprehensively consider the acceptance ability of the on-site operators, and provide comprehensive, detailed and targeted explanation training for users. Guarantee the daily use and maintenance of customers.

Company lecturer training
The company has professional lecturers and has been engaged in electrical equipment technical services for more than 5 years, with rich knowledge and exquisite skills. The company provides a dedicated training room and complete experimental equipment. The lectures adopt multimedia teaching. Under the scientific teaching mode combining theory and practice, the customer's mastery of the products is improved and the quality of training is guaranteed. We invite customers to come to the company to study, visit and research.

Remote online training
Remote online training, mainly using online video means, to communicate face-to-face with customers and demonstrate product operation.

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