Service characteristics
In order to better provide customers with good service, the customer service center has created a service model with Unables based on years of service experience and its own characteristics.
The company has a customer service management system. The customer service specialist records the customer files and maintenance information, various technical problems and service requests on the site into the Unet customer service management system. At the same time, the technical engineers perform corresponding solutions and on-site service work according to the system information.
The customer service center has also established a service tracking feedback mechanism. It is customer-centered and responsible for supervising each after-sales service, and timely accepting customer complaints, consultations, listening to customers' opinions, and investigating and understanding customers' satisfaction with each after-sales service. degree.

Customer Service Center is responsible for providing technical support for our full range of products, including troubleshooting, application and installation issues, and to provide customers with answers to frequently asked technical questions (Faq) . Customer Service Center through multiple channels, multiple channels for partners and users to provide a sound service. For user request, we will reply immediately according to the situation, and can not answer immediately for the question within 4 hours reply. 7 * 24-hour Customer Service Hotline Service, to ensure that customers'questions are timely and accurate answer. Call Center hotline: 400-8550-333

Service philosophy
Professional focus, wholehearted service, beyond expectations, win customers

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