Low pressure SVG device


Product description:
The so-called static var generator (SVG) refers to the device for dynamic reactive power compensation by self-commutated power semiconductor bridge converter. It is the most advanced reactive power compensation device based on voltage source inverter. The compensation device achieves a qualitative leap in reactive power compensation. Instead of using large-capacity capacitors and inductive devices, it uses a high-frequency switch of power electronics to achieve a non-functional conversion. The product is fast-responding and can be used under a variety of impact conditions. SVG can output both capacitive reactive current and inductive reactive current. When used with capacitors, it not only does not affect the compensation effect of the device, but also greatly reduces the cost of the device. SVG has such superior performance and shows the dynamic reactive power compensation device. Direction of development.

Working principle:
SVG is equivalent to a voltage source inverter, and the load is the grid. When only the fundamental frequency is considered, the SVG can be equivalently regarded as an AC voltage source with the same frequency and phase controllable at the same frequency as the grid, and connected to the grid through the connected reactor. The external current transformer (CT) detects the load current in real time and analyzes the reactive current content of the load current through internal DSP calculation. Then, according to the set value, the PWM signal generator is controlled to send a control signal to the internal IGBT to make the inverter meet. The required reactive power compensation current ultimately achieves the purpose of dynamic reactive power compensation.

Technical Parameters:
·Working range: 400V±15%
·Working frequency: 50Hz
·Response speed: ≤10ms
· Loss: <0.5%
· Phase number: three-phase four-wire, three-phase three-wire
Circuit topology: two or three levels
·Dissipation method: intelligent air cooling
·Installation method: parallel
·Reactive power compensation capacity: 30~200Kvar can be selected according to requirements
·Switching frequency: 6.4kHz
·Communication interface: optional GPRS, RS485/RS232 interface
·Operation interface: Chinese kanji touch screen
· Monitoring: support centralized monitoring

Technical features:
·The main circuit inverter adopts IGBT devices of international famous brands;
· Various control modes, with constant reactive power, constant voltage and other control modes, can be freely set;
· Fast response time, no more than 20ms;
·Flexible configuration, can be used in parallel by multiple units to facilitate expansion of capacity;
·Chinese character LCD display interface, easy to operate;
· Remote monitoring is possible.

Product model:

Model Number of levels Rated voltage(V) Rated Capacity(Kvar) Size(W*D*H)(mm) Installation method Entry method
UNT-SVG-30/380 Three level 380 30 490*178*670 Horizontal / wall / cabinet 3L/4L
UNT-SVG-50/380 Three level 380 50 604*185*625 Horizontal / wall / cabinet 3L/4L
UNT-SVG-100/380 Two level 380 100 800*800*2200 Cabinet type 3L/4L
UNT-SVG-150/380 Two level 380 150 800*800*2200 Cabinet type 3L/4L
UNT-SVG-200/380 Two level 380 200 800*800*2200 Cabinet type 3L/4L
UNT-SVG-300/380 Two level 380 300 800*800*2200 Cabinet type 3L/4L


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