Baoding Younite Electric Co., Ltd. always regards employing and educating people as one of the important tasks of the company. In the concept of talents, we follow the concept of "based on morality, meritocracy, competitive talent, and shaping the elite".

The company employs people, the first priority of virtue----"there is a virtue to be reused; there is no talent available; no virtue is used with caution; no virtue is no need."

The company employs people to value the comprehensiveness of talent. Not only must moral integrity and integrity, but also a correct attitude; not only hope that personnel have a sense of management, but also requires a high degree of teamwork spirit; not only focus on the results and achievements of the work, but also pay attention to the connotation and process of the work.

The company adopts the concept of selecting people who are competitive and talented----"Sima Ma is a horse racing". Establish a benign competitive atmosphere under the ability of the savvy, the singer, and the mediocrity.

The company reuses people to pay more attention to educating people. The constant tempering and improvement of personnel is one of the company's long-term strategies. The company does not hesitate to pay a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. The company has always adhered to the concept of win-win, giving talents a broad space for development and providing an infinite stage of interpretation.

Helping employees to succeed is our consistent pursuit.

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