UNT-ATSC/ASVG intelligent filter compensator / UNT-STSC intelligent dynamic var compensator


Product Series:
UNT-ATSC - Intelligent Filter Compensator (APF+TSC)
UNT-ASVG - Intelligent Filter Compensator (APF+SVG)
UNT-STSC - Intelligent Dynamic Reactive Power Compensator (SVG+TSC)
The UNT-ATSC/ASVG/STSC products combine the active and passive modules with intelligent controller modules to achieve continuous compensation without dead ends.

Compared with traditional dynamic compensation

Functional characteristics Traditional dynamic reactive compensation ATSC/ ASVG / STSC SVG
Control method Independent controller, control group switching Intelligent control, system, stable and fast Intelligent control, fastest, most stable
Output reactive Grouped output, with dead zone Linear output, stable and smooth, no dead zone Full linear output, no dead zone
Compensation effect Around 0.95 0.99 or so, part of the sensitivity to full capacity 0.99 or more, full sensitivity to full capacity, maximum compensation range
Full response time More than 100ms Less than 10ms Less than 5ms
Filtering ability Specific subharmonic STSC filters out specific harmonics ATSC /ASVG filters 2~50 filters Specific filtering
Three-phase imbalance Generally, special design is required The effect is obvious, it can output 100% full power, solve the three-phase imbalance problem 100% full power output of the whole machine to solve the three-phase imbalance problem
Market price Price confusion Moderately priced Expensive
Compensation capacity graph See picture 1 See picture 2 --------------

More - the most profitable and most functional;
Fast - fast response and fast maintenance;
Good - linear compensation effect, good appearance, good display interface;
Province - save money and worry.
· The most profitable: intelligent working mode, improve the life of the whole machine and reduce labor costs.
· The most functions: can compensate for capacitive and reactive power, can also compensate for inductive reactive power, filter system harmonics, solve three-phase imbalance problem, eliminate voltage fluctuation caused by reactive power, and detect power quality of the system online.
· Fast response: the power factor is compensated to about 0.99 within 10ms;
· Fast maintenance: full module design, free combination, free disassembly and assembly, plug-and-drop design, to minimize equipment downtime.
· After compensation, the power factor can reach 0.99 or more in real time, no switching and oscillating, no compensation for the dead zone;
·Intelligent control system, hybrid compensation mode, guarantees that there will be no under-compensation and no compensation from the source;
· Modules are easy to expand, reducing waste of upfront investment;
· 7-inch touch screen, fully user-friendly design, can monitor the working status of each TSC, allowing users to always grasp the status of the device.
· Eliminate the capacitor compensation controller;
· Powerful phase compensation capability, completely solve the customer's three-phase imbalance problem, minimize system line loss, and bring direct economic benefits to customers;
·Intelligent control system, hybrid compensation mode, reduce the switching time and frequency of capacitors, and extend the service life of equipment.

Typical product case:
There are many inverters in the distribution room of a city's Fifth Chemical Factory Co., Ltd., and the harmonics of the distribution system are large. The original filter device compensation and filtering effects are not obvious, resulting in a low safety and reliable operation coefficient of the distribution system in the plant. The stability of the electrical system is low, which poses a huge hidden danger to the production stability.
Since the frequency converter is a nonlinear device, a large amount of harmonics are injected into the power distribution system during operation, and the system has a large reactive power shortage. In order to solve the above problems----harmonic control and reactive power compensation Our company combined with the actual measured data and on-site low-voltage distribution load situation, made the following treatment plan: active filter + static var generator used for compensation, the effect after treatment is obvious, the power factor reaches ≥0.98 after equipment operation.

The voltage current before compensation is as follows:

The voltage and current after compensation are as follows:

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