UNT-PT intelligent monitoring unit


Product description:
The UNT-PT intelligent monitoring unit is a high-performance digital PT protection monitoring device that integrates protection, measurement and communication. It is mainly used for voltage transformer circuits of 400V voltage level.

? Passed the “National Relay Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” for 15 EMC tests, and the severity level is Grade IV;
?Using 32-bit industrial-grade microprocessor, the speed is fast and the precision is high;
?All metal casing design, effectively shielding external electromagnetic interference;
? Built-in photoelectric isolation 4-20mA output interface, the output power is optional, and the range is adjustable;
? Built-in small PLC programmable logic module can realize flexible and rich interlocking logic relationship, and there is no need to change the secondary wiring when changing the logic relationship in the field. Easy programming, no need to learn complex ladder diagrams and programming languages;
The control method of the three places is more flexible, and can be realized by two ways of software and hardware;
?The switch input circuit is isolated by two-stage optocoupler, with long transmission distance and high reliability;
?Using industrial fieldbus technology (Profibus-DP V0 V1/ModBus/CAN/DeviceNet) can quickly communicate with monitoring system and PLC communication, realizing remote advanced management functions;
? Dual communication interface design can realize network redundancy, greatly improve communication reliability, and flexible networking mode;
? Complete event logging function to record the latest 20 events;
? Chinese character LCD display, friendly man-machine interface.
? The device is suitable for a wide power supply range, from 85V to 265V, AC and DC can be applied.

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