UNT-CMII communication management machine


Device overview:
The UNT-CMII communication management machine is the communication management core unit developed by Baoding Younite Electric Co., Ltd. for the communication management layer in the automation system. It realizes the serial port mode access protection/measurement control unit and other pre-layer communication equipment and local The interconnection between the monitoring system and the telecontrol server. This product is widely used in power plant power monitoring, substation, power distribution system monitoring, centralized meter reading, building control, fire system monitoring and water plant, industrial and mining enterprises and other comprehensive information monitoring, dedicated to the realization of intelligent device communication processing functions.

Device features:
?Using 32-bit industrial-grade microprocessor, it has fast speed and strong processing capability;
?Based on μC/OSII operating system, it has strong real-time performance;
? RS232/422/485 serial communication interface, CAN interface and Ethernet communication interface, suitable for a variety of communication protocols;
? Dual network interface, support dual-machine soft cut, hard cut, hot standby, etc.;
?All metal casing design, effectively shielding external electromagnetic interference;
?The built-in precision clock source of the device supports the external GPS timing device to realize the clock synchronization of the system;
 The configuration software for parameter setting and data display is simple and flexible, user-friendly, easy to learn and use;
?Using a high 1U wide 19-inch silver-white standard chassis, the appearance is beautiful and easy to install;
Low power consumption and high reliability.

? Responsible for sorting and collecting the data of the pre-layer intelligent protection/measurement and control unit on the site, and then uploading the information to the local monitoring system and the telecontrol communication server to complete the remote signaling and telemetry;
? Receive the commands issued by the local monitoring system and the telecontrol communication server and forward them to the on-site pre-layer intelligent protection/measurement and control unit to complete the remote control and remote adjustment of the on-site intelligent protection/measurement control unit;
Each serial port of the management machine can use the configuration software to download and set parameters through the network for remote maintenance;
? Optimize the network structure and effectively increase the data transmission speed;
? Rich protocol extension function for easy access to various smart devices;
? Receive time-of-day pulses from GPS or accurate clock sources and clock synchronization of the entire station;
? Combine the remote signal, and combine the telemetry with the mean or sum;
The watchdog through hardware, software and operating system absolutely guarantees that the management machine has self-recovery function when unpredictable abnormal problems occur again.

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